Off the Grid: Golem Arcana

Xav de Matos
X. Matos|12.29.14

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Off the Grid: Golem Arcana

Following its successful Shadowrun revival Kickstarter, developer Harebrained Schemes set its sights on a new crowdfunded project: a miniature tabletop game and mobile app hybrid.

That game is Golem Arcana, which launched earlier this year. Utilizing an infrared stylus and specialty app, players move physical objects around a modular board and engage in combat with detailed pre-painted minis, leaving the micromanagement of the game to their mobile devices.

In a new series exploring board and card games that we're calling "Off the Grid," Xav and Richard look at Golem Arcana and discuss how it works, what makes it special and whether or not it's something you should explore in any effort you may have to game offline.
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