Pathfinder Online opens up early enrollment

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|12.31.14

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Pathfinder Online opens up early enrollment
This will either work out all right or backfire spectacularly.
The hour has come at last! Yes, we said that yesterday, but this time we really mean it! Pathfinder Online has entered early enrollment as of today, allowing backers to jump in and play the game in its early state. There are even some new screenshots (exclusive to Massively!) to go along with this stage of the game's slow rollout; they're embedded in the gallery below.

A new blog entry has also been posted, stating the game's design philosophy once again and explaining how the earliest stage of deployment will work out. If you really want to get in but aren't already a backer from the game's second Kickstarter, access will set you back $100 with three months of included game time.

[Source: Goblinworks press release]
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