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    Find My Place allows you to share your location with others


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    Find my place is small navigation app that does one thing -- it allows you to send your GPS coordinates to someone via SMS. It's a unitasker that could be useful when you are lost and want someone to find you.

    When the app launches, it pinpoints your location on a map, shows the Longitude and Latitude and the GPS accuracy at that point in time. At the bottom, there are two buttons. The bottom button will send an SMS with a link to the "Find My Place" app. Though this button generated an SMS, the iTunes link was malformed and said only "iTunes%20link."

    The top button is the hub of the app. Clicking on it will generate an SMS that contains a link with your GPS coordinates. When the recipient clicks on the link, your location will open in Google Maps, if it is installed. If Google Maps is not on the recipient's device, the location will open in a web browser.

    Find my place does what it promises to do -- it quickly and easily sends your location off to someone via SMS. The app needs some polish, though, as the UI is bland and one of the buttons doesn't work.

    Though it's free, you have to ask yourself whether you want a dedicated app just for sending your location. You can accomplish the same task using Apple Maps or Google Maps. Just tap your location on the map and select share from the options. It takes a few extra steps in these other mapping apps, but it may be worth a few extra minutes to not have another app installed on your phone. If you and your friends and family are on iOS, you can use Apple's Find My Friends app to share your location as well.

    Find My Place is available for free from the iOS App Store.

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