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Don't look down: LG tests its robotic vacuum cleaners at extreme heights


When LG wants to show off the spatial awareness of its robotic vacuum cleaners, it doesn't just set them off in a dummy living room. No, instead, the company has taken its latest Roboking to the roof of a skyscraper to prove that, when left to its own devices, the hardware can go right to the edge of a surface without diving off the side. Even when playing a quick game of rooftop soccer, the vacuum managed to stay in one piece and make the tiles look pristine. In another test, LG balanced the cleaner on a metal plate, hanging 100 meters off the ground, a challenge that was met with ease. Most people's living rooms aren't half as dangerous as this, of course, but if you enjoy watching robots flirting with death, you'll be well catered for by the videos below.

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