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MightyText Android app goes Pro, adds extra features for monthly cost

Brad Molen

Three years ago, MightyText started out as a clever app that, when paired with a Chrome extension, could sync your texts and incoming call alerts to your computer. Since then, it's blossomed into a web app in which you can access your SMS/MMS, calls, contact list and photos/videos from any browser. Next up in the app's progression: a Pro version. It's technically been in a limited beta for the past few weeks, but the developers of MightyText have wiggled most of the bugs out and are ready to open Pro account access to any and all who are willing to pay a monthly or annual fee.

The Pro account, which is launching at an early bird price of $2.50 per month (or a flat annual rate of $30, if you know you'll hang onto it for a while), comes with a rather large list of additional features. A Pro's arsenal of software weaponry will include eternal message storage, number blocking, mass-group messaging (up to 25 people), themes, the ability to sync older texts from your phone to the app, message templates, 50GB storage space for photo and video uploading and a scheduler. If Pro isn't your thing, the free version will continue to be available -- MightyText plans to always have one.

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