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Blizzard Audio Team interviewed on WoW, Diablo and Starcraft


Several key members of the Blizzard Audio team were interviewed recently over at The Frontliner. This epic-length interview featured Senior Director of Audio Russell Brower, Project Music Director/Composer Derek Duke, Lead Sound Designer Joseph Lawrence, and Casting and Voice Director Andrea Toyias.

This interview hit so many topics, it's hard to list them all out here, but some of the ones that really interested me were the tips for getting into the various artists' fields, along with information on the technology and methods they used. I love hearing about field recordings, for example the engineers holding the huge glass doors open just so at Blizzard HQ to get an awesome wind whistle. It's great, too, to hear about the casting process for voice artists, the difficulties faced and the lengths Blizzard goes to to get great people.

It's an altogether fascinating insight into the world of Blizzard audio, as well as hotspots to hear the best gurgling and popping noises in Southern California!

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