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Sony's upcoming Alpha 7 and 7R updates will speed up your photo shoots


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Sony's Alpha 7 cameras shook up the photography world by offering full-frame shooting in a small body, but they also have their fair share of quirks, such as slow startup times and subpar JPEG images. Some of those problems may vanish very soon, though, as Sony plans to roll out big firmware updates for both the Alpha 7 and 7R on March 19th. The two cameras should start faster, and they'll also get a nebulous "image quality improvement" -- hopefully, that means better JPEG output. The upgrade will also unlock more features when using the PlayMemories Mobile app to control either camera, and there's better support for a recent 70-200mm telephoto lens. We're not seeing any attempts to speed up the Alphas' sometimes pokey autofocusing, but the updates should still help early adopters who've had to live with some noticeable flaws for the past few months.

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