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Waterproof kit for Autographer camera lets you take hands-free photos underwater

Nicole Lee, @nicole

If you just can't get enough of documenting every waking moment of your life, then the Autographer life-logging camera, launched last July, has its appeal -- it's designed to automatically snap pictures based on what it deems to be the perfect shot at any given moment, no user interaction required. Now, however, you can take shots not just on dry land but underwater as well. That's because Autographer has teamed up with Aquapac, a maker of waterproof casings, to develop a special Waterproof Kit for the wearable camera. The Kit is fully submersible for at least 30 minutes to a depth of 30 feet, which means it's ideal for snorkeling. Other features include a LENZFLEX lens that's designed to be clear of water droplets and you can now secure the camera to the neck, chest or arms, which makes it a little easier to maneuver. You can pre-order the Aquapac Waterproof Kit right now for £30 from the Autographer site.

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