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First Persona 3 movie heads West with English subs


Aniplex is bringing Persona 3: The Movie #1 - The Spring of Birth on Blu-ray to 50 countries including the US and Canada on May 20. However, it'll only be subtitled in English, so don't expect to hear the dubbed voices that you're familiar with from the PS2 game.

Aniplex is releasing both the Collector's Edition and the Standard Edition of the movie, and you can pre-order them now for $80 and $60 respectively - their regular prices are $100 and $75. Both editions include trailers, commercials, and audio commentary in addition to the feature film, but these specifically won't be subtitled. The Collector's Edition adds a soundtrack CD, exclusive box art, stickers, illustration cards and an 48-page booklet that Aniplex is providing a translation for.

The Spring of Birth is the first chapter of the movie series based on Persona 3, and it hit Japanese cinemas last year. The second film, A Midsummer Knight's Dream, opens in the country on June 7.
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