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MapMyFitness brings coaching and improved post-workout stats to Android

Billy Steele

After being nabbed up by Under Armour late last year, things have been relatively quiet for MapMyFitness and its activity tracking app. That all changed this week though, as the outfit has rolled out a totally redesigned version of its Android software with a host of new features. On top of the UI refresh, you can now compare stats with friends from Facebook, Twitter and your contacts list from within. Improved data and mobile graphs make bragging about your progress post-workout a bit easier as well. Route recording received a boost, adding Google Maps 3D tech for navigating the course with tilt and compass functions that update in real time as you run or ride. For MVP members, a coaching option is now built in for a dose of extra motivation. This serves up audio cues according to time, pace, speed, distance and duration goals that you've dialed in. Of course, that voice to keep you going comes at a cost of $5.99 a month or $30 annually.

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