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New Nintendo eShop releases: Mario Kart 8, Ittle Dew


Let's face it, if you're a Wii U owner you're well aware Mario Kart 8 is out tomorrow. It's the series' first HD entry, when you register it online you get a code for a free game, and you know this. But, maybe for some foul reason you're less Mario Kart 8 and more Mario Kart Hate. Luckily for you, you fiend, there are other games out on Nintendo systems this week.

First off there's Ittle Dew, a familiarly heroic adventure that's making a far too appropriate jump to Wii U. The influx of GBA games for Wii U continues with Klonoa: Empire of Dreams, and retro fans can also grab Mega Man Xtreme 2 on 3DS.

Sales-wise, a 33-percent cut pushes 3DS games Pushmo and Crashmo down to $4.69 and $6 respectively. That offer ends on June 13, a week before Pushmo World drops on Wii U.

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