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Vainglory announced as a tablet-focused MOBA

Eliot Lefebvre

The MOBA arena is crowded, but the number of MOBAs you can play on your tablet is slightly more limited. Super Evil Megacorp, a new studio founded by veterans of Riot Games and Rockstar, is aiming to expand that number with its upcoming title Vainglory. Billed as the ultimate tablet MOBA, the preview trailer released today shows off a handful of the game's characters, environments, and attacks.

Vainglory is currently in limited release, with more information to come as it nears its full release on the iOS app store. The developers are also stressing that the game will deliver a full-featured experience for players despite being on tablets. So if you've got an iPad and just can't get enough arena combat, check out the trailer just past the break.

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