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Hoptroff smartwatch uses analog dials to deliver real-time sports results


There's a World Cup on, so what better time to talk about an analog smartwatch designed specifically for soccer football fans? Hoptroff, which normally makes timepieces for mad billionaires and stockbrokers, has announced that its next watch, the Hotblack, will use mechanical dials to keep you updated on the score. The top sub-dial, for instance, will show you your team's score, while the one beneath it shows the tally for the opposition. At the bottom, the third dial gently turns to show how much of the game has elapsed.

Pairing with your Android or iOS smartphone over Bluetooth, the watch is designed to the same standards as the company's other luxury watches, with Swiss moving parts and a brushed stainless steel case. Unlike the £5,000 and £50,000 timepieces in Hoptroff's stable, the company is doing its best to keep the costs low for the Hotblack. That's why it's taking to -- audible sigh -- Kickstarter in the hope of raising £23,000 in order to garner enough demand. Depending on how early you pledge, you could get one of the watches for just £400, or if you want a custom-engraved model, £1,500.

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