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Oculus: ZeniMax lawsuit a 'transparent attempt' to profit from Facebook sale


Oculus VR has issued a legal statement denying ZeniMax Media's claims that Oculus Chief Technology Officer John Carmack developed key VR technology while employed at ZeniMax, therefore entitling ZeniMax and its subsidiary id Software to compensation.

"ZeniMax's Complaint falsely claims ownership in Oculus VR technology in a transparent attempt to take advantage of the Oculus VR sale to Facebook," the statement reads. "By deliberately misstating some facts and omitting others, ZeniMax makes the incredible assertion that it, a videogame software publishing company for personal computers and consoles like the Sony PlayStation, invented and developed a virtual reality hardware and software system."

The statement continues: "The truth is quite different. There is not a line of ZeniMax code or any of its technology in any Oculus VR product. [...] Until the Facebook deal, and the perceived chance for a quick payout, ZeniMax never raised any claim of infringement against Oculus VR, undoubtedly because ZeniMax never has contributed any intellectual property or technology to Oculus VR."

Carmack responded to the allegations last month. "No work I have ever done has been patented," he said. "ZeniMax owns the code that I wrote, but they don't own VR."

Today's statement asserts that the Oculus VR headset technology was developed solely by Palmer Luckey, and claims that "[ZeniMax's] lawsuit is nothing more than ZeniMax seeking to correct for a massive missed opportunity through the assertion of meritless litigation." Oculus now demands a jury trial to resolve the issue.

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