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Chemistry puzzler Sokobond hits Steam on July 21


The developers behind the critically-lauded Sokobond have revealed a Steam launch date for the chemistry-focused puzzle game: July 21.

"Chemistry-focused puzzle game?" you mutter, scratching your head in bewildered confusion. Taking cues from nature itself, the developers behind Sokobond have crafted an elegantly simple puzzler where players are presented with a small grid full of atoms which they must link together to form molecules using the same basic rules you learned in high school science class.

On debut, Sokobond will feature a $10 price tag and will be available for PC, Mac and Linux platforms. If you'd rather not wait to solve puzzles using the power of science, you can visit the Sokobond website to purchase a DRM-free copy which includes a key for the imminent Steam version.
[Image: Alan Hazelden]

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