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Here's what happened at Engadget Live Seattle


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Engadget made another appearance in Seattle last Friday, again taking over the Showbox SoDo. This year's stop in the Emerald City was the second in our series of Engadget Live events, where readers can meet, mingle and try out all sorts of new tech. More than 1,000 folks did just that on a sunny day in the Pacific Northwest. Friends were made; photos were taken; and alcohol was... inhaled. Check out the gallery below for a few highlights.

Gallery: Engadget Live Seattle | 30 Photos

Don't forget to join us at the next Engadget Live event in Boston on August 22nd, followed by Los Angeles on October 3rd. It all leads up to our flagship Engadget Expand event in New York on November 7th and 8th.

For even more photos from Engadget Live Seattle, check out our Flickr gallery below.

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