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Take the shot with The Last Of Us: Remastered's Photo Mode

When things get frantic in action games, the tension can make it tough to appreciate the scene unfolding at our command. The PS4's Share button has helped players capture moments in snapshots for a while, but The Last Of Us: Remastered's Photo Mode will offer extra filters and camera controls so players can really explore a moment and get the perspective they're most interested in. Once the feature is turned on in Remastered's pause menu, Photo Mode can be toggled with a click of L3.

In the video demonstration above, the narrator explains that players can "enter Photo Mode any time other than a cutscene, though sometimes you'll be restricted from moving the camera." While repositioning the camera might not always be possible, there are still options to adjust a shot's depth of field, brightness, surrounding frame or color. Vignettes and film grains can be laid over photos as well, to help emphasize the desired sort of mood. Once a composition is complete, tapping the Share button will share the snapshot as normal, with another tap of L3 returning players to actively dealing with Remastered's Clicker problem.

Maybe you can grab an exquisitely-gruesome frame of your future brick-on-the-head kills, or catch Joel mid eye roll as Ellie shares another kneeslapper from her joke book. Either way, you can give the photojournalist thing a go when Remastered ventures onto the PS4 on July 29.
[Image: Naughty Dog]

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