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Motorhead stars in Victor Vran expansion


Haemimont Games is still working on its Diablo-style platforming dungeon crawler Victor Vran, but the game's first expansion is looking metal... heavy metal. Inspired by the album covers of yore, the studio is creating an expansion featuring an aesthetic and sound inspired by the band Motörhead.

Haemimont CEO Gabriel Dobrev showed us some early footage of the add-on, which will have all new environments, sounds, enemies and style. The character of Victor Vran will be replaced by another character and the game will stand with its own story.

Victor Vran is expected to launch "sometime" in 2015 and be budget priced for around $20. The Mötorhead expansion has yet to be priced, but will require Victor Vran. Dobrev tells us they're looking forward to using Victor Vran as a platform for other interesting dungeon crawler settings.

"So, a rainbow-vomiting unicorn world featuring pastel teddy bears of death?" I asked.

"Sure, why not?!" responded Dobrev.

Caring killing bears expansion confirmed!

Update: A previous version of this story noted Vran would be replaced by a member of Mötorhead, this has apparently not been confirmed due to licensing restrictions.

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