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Apple will reject any wellness apps that store private health data in iCloud


Given recent events surrounding the security of cloud-storage accounts, Apple is keen to reassess any updates to iOS. The company has revealed that any Healthkit apps storing a user's private wellness data in iCloud will be flat-out rejected from the App Store. That same info, gathered by apps using the Healthkit API, is under even further restrictions when it comes to advertising and data-mining, as well. As 9to5Mac spotted, if an application uses the data for reasons other than "improving health, medical, and fitness management, or for the purpose of medical research," the app won't survive. This is just another bit of evidence from Cupertino as to why it rejects applications from the App Store. The thumb-downs go for other possibly less-nefarious aspects as well, including what happens with collected keyboard-activity data. If you're interested in poring over the updated list of terms yourself, Apple's got you covered. We recommend pouring a frosty beverage, though -- reading the full roster could take until September 9th.

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