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Microsoft paid NFL $400M for Surface deal; announcers call them iPads


If you happened to catch any NFL games last week, you might have noticed the conspicuous product placement of Microsoft Surface tablets. From the field to in-game studio analysis, Surface tablets were at every turn.

The reason?

Microsoft last year paid the NFL a cool US$400 million as part of a five-year agreement that will see the NFL provide enhanced football viewing experiences for Xbox users. On top of that, the Microsoft Surface is now the "Official Tablet of the NFL."

Unfortunately, the announcers accidentally called the Surface tablets "iPads" on two separate occasions.

Here we have a clip from this Monday's Cardinals and Giants game. Updated: Guess what? Microsoft has made sure that the clip was removed from Vine.

Apparently $400 million is good for nothing these days!

In an even more comical clip (via The Verge), we see announcers talking about Drew Brees dutifully studying game tape on his trusty iPad.

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