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Leaked image purportedly shows HTC's Nexus 9 tablet


A new image from @upleaks, along with an apparent trip through the FCC has provided solid evidence that Google is set to release the Nexus 9 tablet built by HTC. If real, the pic clearly shows Nexus and HTC branding on the back, which appears to be made of some kind of grippy, Nexus 5-like plastic material. An HTC tablet matching recent Nexus 9 rumors also just passed through the FCC in a WiFi-only variant. To top it off, an NVIDIA lawsuit last month revealed that HTC would build a Nexus tablet with a Tegra chip, likely a 64-bit K1. Google may be prepping the Nexus 9 (and possibly a rumored Nexus 6 handset) as the first devices to get Android L, which supports 64-bit CPUs via the ART runtime. It should be unveiled soon, and given Google's Nexus history, expect nothing less than a cutting edge Android tablet on the cheap.

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