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Opera redesigns its desktop browser with visually rich bookmarks


Even though Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari are what most people use to browse the web on their desktops or laptops, this hasn't managed to lower Opera's spirits one bit. And that's definitely a great thing for people who prefer the Opera desktop browser over the aforementioned alternatives from Microsoft, Mozilla, Google and Apple, respectively. Today, Opera 25 is being introduced for Mac and Windows, which features bookmarking options that are highlighted by image-heavy thumbnails -- it's similar to what Safari's Top Sites window does in the browser nowadays, only with slightly different purpose.

Thanks to Opera 25, you'll now have the option to customize the visuals that show up when the Bookmarks tab is opened, allowing you to choose any image for each of your favorite sites. Opera says the new version was designed after realizing how people use bookmarking on the internet, citing that it was important to make them as close to the heart as possible, kind of like a great memory.

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