Garrisons and Alts: How can it be improved?

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I sometimes find myself wishing that garrisons were designed to be account-wide from the beginning. It may sound silly, but I'd love to see my alts hanging out in my single account-wide garrison when I'm logged on another character. This is obviously not in the cards, but maybe there could be some changes to make managing multiple garrisons a little bit easier. You can tell yourself that they are "optional" as much as you want, but you'd be missing out a large portion of this expansion if you simply ignored them, even on alts. Thankfully, Blizzard is listening to feedback and plans on making adjustments in the future.
We're looking into ways to make Garrisons a bit more friendly in future patches for those of you who enjoy alts. We see that Garrisons are a bit too much for you guys right now.

Good to hear. I have a few ideas on how things might be improved, some more realistic than others.

1. BoA follower armor and weapon upgrades

As it stands, having a Dwarven Bunker/War Mill and Salvage Yard are essentially requirements if you want to partake in the most worthwhile follower missions. Wouldn't it be nice if after your first or second garrison this was no longer the case? I've put a significant amount of time and resources into my main's followers, and I'm at the point where most of them are maxed out in item level. However, I still have a ton of items like War Ravaged Weaponry which I can no longer use on this character. My alts could put them to good use.

2. Account-wide learned blueprints

We still have to pay gold and resources to actually construct the building (and upgrade the garrison), which I think is more than enough of an expense -- especially on your 3rd or 4th time through.

3. Discounts for buildings and upgrades

Perhaps the garrison architects and builders would be so kind to give us a volume discount? Fully decking out a garrison in level 3 buildings will cost you somewhere around 25,000+ gold once you factor in the blueprints. Perhaps making the blueprints account-wide would be enough to help with this, but at the very least it would be nice to have that 5000 gold cost of upgrading to level 3 reduced for subsequent characters.

4. BoA follower re-roll items

It seems inevitable that my alt I hardly play is practically swimming in Follower Re-training Certificates while my main doesn't seem to get any of them. There's also the Supreme Manual of Dance and Hearthstone Strategy Guide which fall into this category.

5. Follower unlock prerequisites

There are many followers in the Draenor that only become available once you've completed a certain number of quests in a particular zone. The problem is when you're going through these zones on alts with full rested XP and 20% increased XP potions, you seldom finish the main story lines in a zone before you move onto the next. It would be wonderful if these followers were already available for recruitment on your alts once you've done the quest prerequisites on another character.

Do you think managing multiple garrisons is too much? If so, what changes would you like to see?
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