Patch 6.1 build headed to the PTR

According to a tweet by Blizzard QAZorbrix, Patch 6.1 is in the process of being released to the PTR servers for testing. In addition, PTR forums will be making a return next week. While we haven't seen patch notes for 6.1 just yet, datamining website MMO-Champion has been busy at work digging through the new build and pulling out interesting material. Among the highlights of what we may be seeing in 6.1:

  • New Battle Pets from Sunwell Plateau, Hyjal Summit and Black Temple

  • Harrison Jones as a new Garrison follower

  • Platinum level for Garrison invasions

  • New game for the Darkmoon Faire: The Real Big Race

  • Collectible music

  • Possible Heirloom Tab

Please note that all information is currently being datamined, which means that none of it has been finalized by Blizzard, and it may or may not actually make it to live realms with 6.1. To get the PTR for yourself, simply install it via the launcher by selecting PTR: World of Warcraft from the Region/Account dropdown bar.