Transistor get() 600,000+ sales, Bastion breach() 3 million

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Transistor get() 600,000+ sales, Bastion breach() 3 million
Transistor carved its way to more than 600,000 sales in 2014, Supergiant Games revealed this week. The PS4 and PC action-RPG looks set to become the dev's second million-seller, though it's still way off the "more than 3 million" copies sold to date by Bastion.

In this week's announcement, Supergiant's Greg Kasavin noted the majority of Bastion's sales arrived "many months after the game first came out on Xbox 360 and PC. So we were very happy to see Transistor selling even faster relative to Bastion during the first couple of months after its launch."

Kasavin's talked about that long sales tail before. Speaking at E3 2013 about future Transistor ports, he said, "For us, it's really important to not be tied down for the long haul, because Bastion's success was not made on any one platform. That being said, our focus is absolutely on a successful PS4 launch and also our Steam PC launch, because if that does not go well, there will not be other versions of the game, most likely and so forth."
Supergiant hasn't announced any upcoming ports for its 2014 cyber-dystopia, though given this week's news it seems likely we'll hear more about that in 2015.

As for Bastion's success, it's worth noting the highly acclaimed 2011 action-RPG surpassed 2 million sales around E3 2013. So in roughly 18 months it's gone on to sell another million.

Expect the Kid to continue hauling in the cash when Bastion hits PS4 and Vita this year.
[Image: Supergiant Games]
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