3D After Burner 2 simulates multiple arcade cabinet styles

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Danny Cowan
January 12th, 2015
3D After Burner 2 simulates multiple arcade cabinet styles
If your memories of Sega's classic arcade shoot-'em-up After Burner 2 are tied to one of the game's many unique cabinet styles, a new port for the Nintendo 3DS will hit you with an unexpected wave of nostalgia. The upcoming 3D After Burner 2 will simulate all of the game's arcade cabinet variations, porting studio M2 revealed as part of an ongoing interview series this week.

"The game had a number of arcade cabinet variations, starting with the 'Double Cradle' (moved both forward/backward and left/right) and the 'Single Cradle' (moved left/right)," the article reads. "More variations were released later, including 'Sit-down' and 'Upright' variations." Footage demonstrating the "Double Cradle" variant is available here.

3D After Burner 2 will simulate any of these machines at the player's option, surrounding the gameplay screen with cabinet artwork and flickering lights that indicate incoming enemy attacks. Another option simulates cabinet movement, tilting the emulated gameplay screen at appropriate angles according to player flight paths.

M2 previously simulated arcade cabinet aesthetics and motion in last year's 3DS ports of Space Harrier and Super Hang-On. 3D After Burner 2 will launch for the Nintendo 3DS eShop in North America this Thursday, January 15.

[Image: Sega]

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