Around Azeroth: All's Yrel that ends Yrel

"As I was helping Yrel along her quest to Exarch-hood earlier this week, I snapped a few screen shots to commemorate the journey," writes submitter Paladave of Clan Wilkes on Garona (US-A). "My favourite is this one in front of Maraad's Ashes. A truly great hero, may he find peace. Yrel too is growing into a great leader, a steadfast and passionate companion, and she will honour Maraad's memory well (although she could work on her use of interrupts). Clearly she has great sense when it comes to weapon choices and transmogs. In retrospect, however, this picture makes me wonder if she's been quietly slipping Pygmy Oil into my health potions. If by some chance she becomes a follower in the future, legendary or otherwise, I will have to keep a close eye on her to see if she also has the makings of a great practical joker!"

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