Crowfall's first screenshot shows the Knight's character creation

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|01.13.15

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Crowfall's first screenshot shows the Knight's character creation
How much can you ascertain from a single screenshot? In the case of Crowfall's first in-game glimpse, perhaps plenty.

Creative Director J. Todd Coleman posted Crowfall's first screenshot on the forums today: a snap of the upcoming title's character creation screen. It shows a Knight (one of 12 or more archetypes listed) along with the class' many statistics. These include a few intriguing anomalies such as "warmth conversion" and "life on hit."

Coleman said that the numbers are just placeholders for now and that the Knight is "a fully modeled and animated avatar" at this point. He wanted players to get a feel for the Crowfall's art style and interface as well as a hint as to something else: "There is more to this one than meets the eye... the clues are there, for those with a solid design instinct and an eye for detail."

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