Journey composer Austin Wintory nears expulsion from AFM

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Journey composer Austin Wintory nears expulsion from AFM
Seven months after the American Federation of Musicians threatened Grammy Award-winning composer Austin Wintory with a $50,000 fine for recording the soundtrack to The Banner Saga against regulations, the music union has issued an official fine of $2,500.

Despite a looming January 19 deadline, Wintory refuses to pay. "Doing so would be to agree that their failed policies, selective tactics and threats work," the composer told Variety. Instead, Wintory claims his lawyers are examining the options available to him should the AFM make good on its threat to boot him from the union. As a further snub, Wintory claims he will write a check to the Education Through Music - Los Angeles charity "where the money can be used toward building on dreams instead of destroying them."

When the AFM first notified Wintory of the potential $50,000 fine he faced for not following proper union regulations in recording music for a game, the composer was defiant. "Ultimately I don't think this is about me," Wintory stated. "This is about what's right. This is about composers and musicians being able to work in a medium that we love without fear of threat and intimidation, and it's about the next wave of musicians and composers who want to get into this business and dream of working in games, who shouldn't have to fear being attacked."
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