Off the Grid: XCOM - The Board Game

You may not be aware, but a new XCOM is on the way to stores later this month! No, don't bother firing up those spiffy new consoles, this XCOM experience is for your tabletop. Board and card game publisher Fantasy Flight Games has teamed up with 2K to bring you XCOM: The Board Game, and Joystiq has survived the alien invasion.

While you may expect a board game based on the XCOM strategy video game franchise would resemble more of a dungeon crawler, where you hunt and kill aliens, XCOM: The Board Game attempts something unique. Utilizing an app, XCOM: The Board Game randomizes alien movement, in-game events and keeps up to four players on their toes with strictly timed and very tense situations.

In this episode of Off the Grid, Xav is joined by Jeff Cannata and Christian Spicer from the DLC Podcast, to play XCOM: The Board Game and discuss the pre-release copy of the game, the app functionality and what it's like to be in charge of the budget to save the human race.

XCOM: The Board Game is expected to launch later this month from Fantasy Flight Games and designer Eric M. Lang (Marvel Dice Masters, Arcadia Quest).

[Image: 2K, Fantasy Flight]