Path of Exile holding PvP invitational this weekend

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|01.16.15

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Path of Exile holding PvP invitational this weekend
To conclude Path of Exile's first PvP season, Grinding Gear is holding the game's first invitational tournament this weekend.

The PvP invitational will take place over two days, with the European tournament on Saturday, January 17th, and the North American tournament on Sunday, January 18th. Sixteen players will compete in each invitational to win various prizes from Razer and Karma Koin.

Following the invitational, Path of Exile will begin (pardon the pun) gearing up for PvP season two, which is slated to begin in "early February." The studio said that the second season will contain improvements as suggested by the community.

[Source: Grinding Gear Games press release]
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