Rock Band survey hints at modern console sequel

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Rock Band survey hints at modern console sequel
Following the recent release of the series' first new DLC in nearly two years, it appears that Harmonix might be gearing up for a new entry in its Rock Band series, if an online survey is anything to go by.

"Hello friends! You should fill out this important Rock Band survey," reads a tweet from the official Rock Band Twitter account. "Sharing the link is encouraged. DO IT NOW!" The link attached to that message leads to a three-page survey regarding your history with the Rock Band series to date. It's pretty typical stuff - What Rock Band game did you play most?, Which console do you use to play Rock Band?, etc. - but the third page is where things get interesting.Not only does the survey ask players which new-generation consoles they own, and whether they'd prefer a hypothetical future release to be digital or physical, it also asks players to rank which features of prior Rock Band games they most enjoyed. "Would you be inclined to preorder a new Rock Band title?" is the survey's final question.

While a lone survey is far from proof that Rock Band 4 (or whatever it might be called) is in development, this does at least indicate that Harmonix is looking into bringing the series to more modern hardware. Hopefully there's a cheap, simple way to carry over all those plastic instruments fans bought as well.
[Image: Harmonix/MTV Games]
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