Make My MMO: January 11 - 17, 2015

This week was relatively tame as far as crowdfunded MMOs go, though we did see a new entry in the Kickstarter sweepstakes as Maestros of the Anthymn officially launched its campaign.

The tile seeks to raise some $200,000 CAD to fund a game where you can "literally mold the world around you, solve puzzles, and conquer impossible enemies through creating and wielding music itself."

And someone said there's no innovation in MMOs these days! Click past the cut for the rest of our crowdfunding roundup.

Current campaigns

Dream a little dream, get a little green, and before long you'll have your very own MMO... at least that's what these developers are hoping! Games seeking funding to make their plans a reality are listed in this section.

Citadel of Sorcery (MMO Magic, Inc.): Open donations, no end date

  • A vast, dynamic world where nothing is set in stone and each player will experience the game in very different ways

  • Massively interview

Contested Space (Zon): Kickstarter coming soon

  • Player-design spaceships and stations

  • Action-oriented combat, territory expansion and defense

Gloria Victis (Black Eye Games): Open donations, no end date

  • Fantasy medieval setting with a classless system and unrestricted character development

  • Realistic weather system

  • Greenlit on Steam

  • Latest news: March 30 -- PvP raid and new screens

Identity (Asylum Entertainment): Kickstarter ends February 4th

  • Modern setting

  • Open world with player-driven economy, housing

  • Minigames like paintball and karaoke

  • Open PvP with police, gangs, cartels

Isles of Eventide (Leanne Froc): Kickstarter ends February 8th

  • Play as a canine, feline, or equine living on a magical archipelago

  • Survive against predators, the elements, and hunger

  • Crafting and companions

  • Personal island with customized decor and utilities

Maestros of the Anthymn (String Theory): Kickstarter ends February 14th

  • Episodic fantasy adventure game

  • A realm of song, sword, and sorcery

  • Custom combos

  • Deep storyline

Neo's Land (NeoJac Entertainment): Open donations, no end date

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen (Visionary Realms): Open donations, no end date

Trials of Ascension (Forged Chaos): Open donations, raised $60,000 so far

  • Skill-based sandbox MMORPG

  • Dynamic spawning

  • Player structures, settlements, kingdoms, playable dragons

Fully funded

Success has its privileges, including a spot in this section! Games that have reached their crowdfunding goals and that are currently being developed are listed here. Once a game reaches the closed testing stage, it will move to the hallowed halls of Betawatch.

Kickstarter puts the the fate of fledgling MMOs in the hands of gamers. Which will live and which will die? Check the pulse of MMO crowdfunding with Massively's Jef Reahard every Wednesday in Make My MMO. And for a look at non-MMO crowdfunding, don't forget Joystiq's Crowdfund Bookie.