Patch 6.1: Claws, Pincers, and Tusks nerfed

Alex Ziebart
A. Ziebart|01.17.15

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Patch 6.1: Claws, Pincers, and Tusks nerfed
Deep down in the blackest parts of my heart, that place of darkness and hate, I have reserved a special place for the garrison mission Claws, Pincers, and Tusks. It's an irrational, unnecessary level of hatred for something so mundane, but come on. The mission requires a total of 5 ability counters for a mere ilevel 615 chestpiece! It's more difficult to 100% than missions that provide way better gear! That's just unreasonable.

In patch 6.1, Claws, Pincers, and Tusks requires only 3 ability counters: Group Damage, Massive Strike, and Deadly Minions. Beremus the Overseer has been removed from the mission altogether, leaving Tarina the Ancient as your followers' only foe.

Perhaps, when patch 6.1 goes live, I might be able to let go of this hate and feel joy once more.

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