The Queue: Blackrock Foundry and more garrison questions

Alex Ziebart
A. Ziebart|01.19.15

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Alex Ziebart
January 19th, 2015
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The Queue: Blackrock Foundry and more garrison questions
Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

I've been watching Young Justice again and find it funny that Superboy is essentially The Hulk for the bulk of the first season.

What does that have to do with World of Warcraft? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

KingMarvel asked:

Is the Blackrock Foundry raid in the 6.1 patch? I know this raid is coming out in February but is it simply unlocking or are we getting the new patch?

Blackrock Foundry is not a part of patch 6.1 but their release timing might end up being similar. Patch 6.1 doesn't contain any new raid content. The raid content that went in at launch is simply being staggered -- different parts of it opening at different times.

TL;DR: The release of Blackrock Foundry will not require a patch, but patch 6.1 might happen around the same time entirely by chance.

arkainejel001 asked:

Where does Jaraxxus rank in the Burning Legion hierarchy? Is he way up there or just really full of himself?

We don't know with any certainty. However, I tend to assume he had some importance somewhere in the chain of command, even if not at the top. We're rarely shown a named eredar that doesn't fill some important role in the Burning Legion, whether it be a commander of some offensive or just a particularly important traitor in the draenei ranks. I'm sure there are eredar that aren't particularly valuable to the Legion, but we never see those guys. We see the guys with clout.

tygu asked:

all of a sudden I am seeing the AH flooded with listing of ores in stacks of ONE. I had just had to scroll 65 pages of single True Iron Ore auctions to get to a stack large enough for me to bid on. What are these people doing? I suspect a malfunctioning add on, or some nefarious scheme to somehow manipulate the market

I've always assumed it's people being turds and thinking they're funny. Making everyone on the server page through thousands of single items seems like something that would make a troll giggle.

@warrior_tank asked:

Are there any undead ogres? If not, why not?

If you mean zombie-style undead ogres, I don't think we've seen any. Either they weren't important enough for us to see them or nobody decided to make them. If you count ghosts as undead, there's a questline involving ghost ogres in Talador. On the Alliance-side, at least. I'm not sure if the Horde gets the same quests.

@GnomeMaleModel asked:

do you think we'll get a Garrison chat channel? Or maybe a tweak to the /Trade posts per minute allowance (hint: set it to 1)?

The garrison zone has a General chat. I'm not in Trade whatsoever and see chatter on General all the time. That's how I find out when someone has dropped a Blingtron outside -- players are usually courteous enough to announce on the garrison channel that they'll be stepping out to do so.

valencemagi asked:

So, math question: the 10-hour, 3-group XP G-Missions strike me as phenomenally silly. I guess they're designed for, "set it and go to work/bed", but they're a huge time commitment for not much pay off. Am I missing something?

I'm not a fan of those missions, but they're occasionally useful for powerleveling a freshly level 100 follower up toward rare or epic. I have an enormous stockpile of follower gear, so it isn't an issue to kit a fresh level 100 out in 630+ equipment the moment they hit max level. Before I go to bed, I can send them on those missions with a couple of epic followers and come back the next day to a load of XP and a salvage crate.

They serve a purpose even if it's a limited one.
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