31 years ago, Apple's iconic "1984" ad was broadcast nationally

31 years ago today, Apple's legendary "1984" commercial was broadcast nationally during Super Bowl XVIII. The advertisement, directed by the famed Ridley Scott, is to this day still considered one of the top commercials of all time. Over the years, the commercial won innumerable awards, including a 2003 Hall of Fame award from the World Federation of Advertisers.

In celebration of the commercial's 30-year anniversary, former Chiat/Day ad executive Steve Hayden sat down with Forbes last year and relayed a few interesting tidbits surrounding the creation of the advert. For example, Hayden noted that a memo from Steve Jobs regarding the tone of the commercial simply stated, "Stop the world in its tracks."

As an additional point of Apple trivia, the commercial, contrary to popular belief, did not only air once. Rather, the commercial in its entirety aired once nationally but actually debuted on December 31, 1983 on a TV station in Twin Falls, Idaho. The timing here was no accident. December 31 was chosen so that the advert could be eligible for that year's advertising awards. The location was also no accident as the nighttime viewing audience in Twin Falls, Idaho wasn't exactly large.