Celestalon teases upcoming class changes [Updated]

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Celestalon teases upcoming class changes [Updated]

Celestalon decided to tease us with this rather cryptic tweet regarding upcoming class changes on the patch 6.1 PTR.

Alright, Celestalon, you have my attention. He later followed it up with another tweet saying the changes will primarily be number tweaks, but there will be a few functionality changes. Overall class balance could definitely use some tweaks, at least for the top and bottom outliers. Recent hotfixes have helped, but I get the feeling they've been cautious with some of the changes. Patches are probably a better time to make significant adjustments since they can be thoroughly tested beforehand.

What would you like to see changed for your class in patch 6.1?

Update: Theses changes won't be going in today's upcoming build (January 22), but should make it into the next PTR build (source).
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