Patch 6.1: Traveling the world in search of garrison music

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Patch 6.1: Traveling the world in search of garrison music

The jukebox is one of the biggest new garrison features coming in patch 6.1. It allows you to change the default music in your garrison, which is a welcome feature considering how much time I spend in there. Upon completing the simple quest to build your jukebox, you are given a selection of 7 faction-specific music tracks (known as Music Rolls) to get you started. It's as simple as clicking your jukebox and picking a new track as your default garrison music.

There are many more Music Rolls to collect. One of the first I collected on the PTR was Music Roll: Faerie Dragon, which I found all the way out in Tirisfal Glades. If you're a regular reader of Know Your Lore, you may remember the Tinfoil Hat Edition about the mysterious Whispering Forest event (pictured above). If you are present for this event -- which has been made less rare in patch 6.1 -- you can loot this music roll from a faerie dragon nest located in the center of the circle of mushrooms.

That is just one of many Music Rolls to be found in the old world. Want the Argent Tournament music? You can buy Music Roll: The Argent Tournament for 25 Champion's Seals at the tournament itself. Or how about Music Roll: High Seas, purchased at Lion's Landing for Domination Point Commissions. Some Music Rolls are also found inside raids, such as Music Roll: Karazhan Opera House.

The NPC beside your jukebox will give you hints at where you can find some of the tracks. Here are a few of the hints:
  • "Deep in the heart of Blackrock Depths is a track so legendary, it takes two dragons to protect it."
  • "Got a rod and reel handy? I hear there's an artist leaving her work in creative places in Ironforge."
  • "Finding classic tracks takes hard work, and sometimes that means flying on the back of a colossal, cataclysmic dragon. Them's the breaks."
  • "Conquering fear itself will help you glimpse the Heart of Pandaria, musically speaking, of course."
  • "Face his wrath, in that flying fortress, with that icy weather? All for new music? You're crazy!"
  • "You're already leading a campaign against the Iron Horde. Might as well take Backhand's music roll collection while you're at it."
  • "Up for a journey into the Black Temple? You still won't be prepared for the hard hitting bass of the track you'll find."
Most of the Music Roll locations have not been discovered yet, and Senior Designer Jeremy Feasel even issued somewhat of a challenge on Twitter for finding Music Roll: Angelic. It sounds like they were extra sneaky with hiding that one. Feasel also mentioned that Music Roll: Totems of Grizzlemaw was the most requested music track. Its location is also unknown as of this writing. You can view and listen to all the available music here. As for achievements, there is currently Ten Hit Tunes for collecting 10 of the Music Rolls, which will be pretty easy considering you get 7 right off the bat.

Will you be collecting Music Rolls in patch 6.1?
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