Around Azeroth: One last call for alcohol

I've been thinking a lot about what sort of screenshot to run today, the last day of WoW Insider and thus of Around Azeroth. Should I dig through the archives and pick out one of the few screenshots that got nixed by the editors for being too filthy? Should I take a screenshot of one of my characters doing something noteworthy? In the end, I decided to pretend it was just another day, and run one final screenshot from prolific submitter Gimmlette of Spectacular Death on Llane (US-A). I'm sure we'll be having enough sentimental feelings today without my contribution.

It's been a wonderful eight years, folks. And if you're in the Crown tonight, have a drink on me.

"So, you spend a day saving Draenor," Gimmlette writes. "It's your town hall. You can leave your muddy boots wherever you like and put your weapons on the table. It's nice that they keep the fire roaring. I also appreciate a good book or two or three and a big mug of stout waiting for me. Someone will be around with a bowl of hot soup and some bread, or maybe a Feast of the Waters and they won't care that I don't share anything with them. As I gaze across my table, as only a ruling landlord can, I see -- wait, what is that looking back at me? Maybe it's just the label, but there's a face on that bottle. I've seen enough weird stuff in this world that I shouldn't be surprised, but if there's anything a dwarf doesn't want, it's her drink staring back at her. Besides, I don't drink wine. That's a night elf thing."

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