Burger King starts online order and home delivery trial in the UK

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Burger King starts online order and home delivery trial in the UK

We've all been there. It's raining outside and you're nursing a horrendous hangover from the night before. All you really want is a greasy Double Whopper with large fries and an ice cold Sprite, but the thought of stepping outside is too much to bear. "Why doesn't Burger King do home deliveries in the UK?!" You cry from the murky depths of a small duvet cocoon. Well, today your prayers have finally been answered. The fast-food chain is trialling such a service for eight of its restaurants across Britain, covering Northampton, Romford, Truro, Hornchurch, Gants Hill, Hull, Skegness and Hayes. Delivery is free for eligible postcodes and Burger King will accept orders both online and over the phone from midday to 3pm and 6pm to 10pm. The trial is only for three months, but the company says it's planning a wider national roll-out later this year. McDonald's is yet to offer such a service, but if this takes off we suspect it won't be long before the golden arches follow suit.

[Image Credit: Mile Mozart, Flickr]

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