Dear Veronica: Is tech rejection our future?

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Veronica Belmont
July 22, 2015 12:00 PM
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Dear Veronica: Is tech rejection our future? image
Dear Veronica: Is tech rejection our future? image

Dear Veronica: Is Tech Rejection Our Future?

This week, we kick things off with the poll results from last week's episode. You guys had some strong feelings about kids and cursing!

Next, my friend and Sword & Laser co-host Tom Merritt (of Daily Tech News Show) weighs in on a question about the anti-technology generation. Will our future spawn reject technology fully, or embrace it even more completely?

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And hey, if you feel like you're a little too plugged-in, I share my tips for logging off. Just make sure you watch this video before you do! Send your questions to me or on Twitter using the hashtag #DearVeronica. See you next week!

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