The BBC is making an iPlayer app just for kids

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The BBC is making an iPlayer app just for kids

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When the BBC announced a new children's service called iPlay, many people were quick to call it an "iPlayer for kids." That description isn't entirely inaccurate, as it will include some of the broadcaster's child-friendly programming -- but that's on top of educational and creativity tools, as well as content produced by other "trusted organisations." It's an important point of differentiation, because the BBC announced today that it's also working on a dedicated children's version of iPlayer. Details are scarce, but the BBC says it'll be a standalone app that makes it easier for little ones to find their favourite CBBC and CBeebies shows, as well as discover news ones "in a safe environment designed just for them." The move is hardly surprising -- Netflix and YouTube have already released child-friendly versions of their video streaming services, and Sky plans to do the same early next year. iPlayer is incredibly popular in the UK, and essentially free too -- whenever the little ones are starting to get restless, this could be an indispensable app for parents.

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