Game On: Smartphone games you can't stop playing

Amita choudhary
A. choudhary|11.12.15

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Amita choudhary
November 12, 2015 11:30 PM
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Free smartphone games have become seemingly popular and addictive amongst the players across the globe. The professionals, home makers and kids prefer playing their favorite games on their smartphone to boost their entertainment quotient on the move. The players can leverage from the various categories of free games and select amongst the listed options. The users can proceed to download the game or directly play it on the games server too. The best gaming apps often update their database with popular games at all times for keeping the interest of the audiences going along. Some of the vendors in the space also offer unlimited number of games download for smartphones.
I love to play Car games whenever I'm traveling or want to pass my free time. My most favorite car games are listed below:
  1. ASPHALT 8: It is the best android car racing game, I've ever played. It has great visual effects and car designs to endow with incredible racing and driving experience which don't even realize me about how many hours I spent in car racing and put out of my mind about the important calls from my friends. More than 10 million times this game has downloaded on Google Play Store. It has more than 50 car models but my favorite one is Lamborghini Veneno and Ferrari FXX. I never get bored as it has numerous new locations like deserts, hilly areas and many more fantastic sites. I love to perform Aerial Stunts to gain more points to unlock new car models and tracks. I invite my friends online to compete with me. A person only needs an internet connection with 8GB internal storage and 1GB RAM.
  2. Real Racing 3: It is also one of my favorite car racing game. It is created by The Electronics Art team who produced most implausible racing games the Need for Speed Series. It requires 3-4 GB Data source and 1.5 GB RAM to enjoy this game. At beginning, game looks very easy but as you move forward it becomes very difficult but interesting. It gives me a feel of real car by its rear view mirror feature. It has more than 2000 events to make your experience more pragmatic and exciting. The worst part of this game to wait for cars for their tyre changing and repairing.
  3. Red Line Rush: It is an arcade racing game, One needs to run as long as possible on a traffic ,cops will chase you and helicopters drops mines, It's my favorite part of game to shun those hindrance and hitting other cars to stay alive. I try to earn more and more coins to unlock new cars to make my game more exciting.
  4. GT Racing 2: It has more than 70 car brands like Audi, Nissan, Ferrari and many more. It also provides 13 different tracks to make my game more thrilling and surprising. I don't need to wait for car repairing like Real Racing 3 and can continue my game with my desired car. The best part of this game is that I can change camera angle view to make my race more exciting.
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