Vintage Electric's latest e-bike gives you more retro power

The 2016 Vintage Electric Tracker is more powerful and even more nostalgic.

Vintage Electric drew a lot of attention when it unveiled its retro e-bikes a couple of years ago: it managed to fuse the classic look of early 20th century board track racers with a decidedly modern electric motor. Well, it's back for another year... and it's clear that the company has learned a lot in a short space of time. Its newly launched 2016 Tracker ups both the performance and the nostalgia quotient. It's 15 percent more efficient than last year's Tracker, but produces 20 percent more torque and carries a larger 70 watt-hour battery good for 35 miles of real-world travel. At the same time, you'll find clever new touches like stainless steel accents and pewter badging.

Taking this trip back in time won't come cheap. You're looking at $4,995 for the standard Tracker (similar to the Cruz), and that's before you consider the custom color options. It might be easy to justify, however. This is one of the few e-bikes that's stylish in more than a utilitarian sort of way -- so long as it handles as nicely as it looks, you may find yourself looking for excuses to go riding.