Sony will ensure 'The Banner Saga' comes to PS Vita

Indie publisher Versus Evil will help port the RPG.

Now that Sony has more or less given up on first-party support for the Vita, indie games have become the portable system's lifeblood. It should come as no surprise, then, that when The Banner Saga developer Stoic announced it was putting its Vita port "on the back burner" due to budgetary concerns, Sony took note. It's partnering with indie publisher Versus Evil to continue work on the Vita port, and assumedly absorbing some of the cost (and potential profit). The news comes from Sony's Gio Corsi, who handles third-party developer relations for the company.

The Banner Saga is a strategy RPG framed within a epic norse-inspired story. It launched to critical acclaim and commercial success on the PC, Mac and mobile in 2014, and is due to hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next month. It's actually the first part of a longer story, with The Banner Saga 2 due for release on PC and consoles next year.