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Virgin's gyms of the future will use wearables for pretty much everything


Don't believe that wearable technology is the only thing that pub bores will be talking about in 2015? Virgin Active might change your mind, since the company's ready to launch two new gyms that rely upon wrist-worn devices for pretty much everything. The branches, located in Cannon Street and Paddington, will ditch access cards and locker keys in favor of an "interactive wrist band," which, apparently, will also track and measure how many times you melt down on the treadmill each day.

In addition, the gyms will have the latest Technogym equipment, which lets users browse the web or watch YouTube, Skype with friends and even play games as they sprint. Even better, however, is that you can hook up your fitness apps to the machines, enabling you to track your progress no matter how you choose to exercise. This whole thing has come as a reaction to a slowdown in the gym industry still struggling with the idea that people would pay once to not use a Wii Fit rather than spending £60 a month to not use a Virgin Gym.

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