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Facebook tweaks its News Feed to show you more from your friends


If you're like me, your News Feed on Facebook is filled with just as much content from brands as it is updates about your classmate's vacation. Based on feedback, the folks in Menlo Park are changing the way it handles updates from your pals. Posts made directly by your friends will now display closer to the top of the News Feed -- things like status updates, pictures, videos and more. Thankfully, you'll also see less of the notifications about a friend liking or commenting on another post, too. Facebook is relaxing the rule that prevented you from seeing multiple items in a row from the same person as well, so if you're after more from people and not companies, you should start seeing an increase in those posts soon. The social network announced an effort to cut down on the number of hoaxes in your feed earlier a couple months ago, so the next round of tweaks can't be far off.

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