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Amazon to launch 'Catastrophe' comedy series on Facebook


Amazon is slated to debut British comedy Catastrophe in the US on June 15th, but you won't find the pilot episode on Prime. Instead of bringing the series straight to its video platform, the e-commerce company will post the 30-minute pilot on its Facebook page. In fact, viewers in the country can exclusively watch it on the social network for 48 hours (and for free!), starting on Monday, 7PM Eastern time. This might be the first time Amazon has taken this particular approach. It typically gives viewers free access to the first episode on Prime, so they can leave feedback and help the company decide which titles to pick up.

Amazon secured the exclusive rights to show Catastrophe in the US shortly after the series' first season started airing on the UK's Channel 4. It stars Twitter star Rob Delaney as an American man who knocks up an Irish woman played by Sharon Horgan and moves to London to be with her and his baby. The pilot, by the way, will make its way to Prime Instant after its 48-hour stint on Facebook. If you're a subscriber, you can stream it and the rest of the first season episodes starting on June 19th.

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