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Bugatti's 'Gran Turismo' concept car hints at life beyond the Veyron


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Bugatti's monstrous 1,000HP-plus Veyron supercar may be riding into the sunset, but you won't have to wait long to get a hint of what the exotic automaker is planning next. The company has taken the wraps off of its own Gran Turismo virtual concept car, the not-so-cleverly-titled Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo. This in-game prototype is a direct hint at both the brand's "future design language" and the kind of performance it's aiming for in an ideal world. Not surprisingly, that means something supremely quick. On a simulated Le Mans track, the VGT is powerful enough (thanks largely to its W16 engine) that it can reach 250MPH four times each lap -- ultimately, it's about as fast as the speediest real-world Le Mans prototypes.

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There'll be a physical example of the car at the Frankfurt Motor Show (which kicks off September 17th), so you will have a chance to see it in all its carbon fiber glory. Just don't expect to see it on real streets. The expected production vehicle is the Chiron, a straight-up successor to the Veyron with a beastly 1,480HP output and refinements to both comfort and technology. It'll be more of an over-the-top road car than a purpose-built racer. Unless you happen to be in Germany very soon, the Gran Turismo concept may be your only way to see the Bugatti VGT in motion, let alone take it for a test drive.

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