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Leaked Apple support app could save you a trip to the store


The Genius Bars in Apple's retail stores are supposed to be convenient ways to answer questions and get repairs, but the ever-growing deluge of customers sometimes makes it a pain. Ever waited 20 minutes just to get a Lightning cable replaced? Well, the Cupertino crew may have a clever way to speed up that wait time... and in some cases, save you a trip altogether. Both uSwitch and leaker Sonny Dickson understand that Apple is working on a support app for iOS that would help you get the fix you need. The app would narrow down the cause of your problem by asking questions, and offer chances to contact support, book a Genius Bar appointment or (if it's a relatively minor issue) fix it yourself through how-to guides. Think of it as Apple's support website distilled into a simpler, more powerful form.

It's not certain just when this app would launch, assuming the rumor is accurate. It's also possible that the support software might fold into the existing Apple Store app rather than stand out on its own. Nonetheless, it could do a lot to improve your overall support experience. Even if you tend to breeze through support yourself, it might save you from waiting ages for others to walk through basic problem-solving steps.

[Image credits: Melanie Stetson Freeman/The Christian Science Monitor via Getty Images (top), Sonny Dickson (bottom)]

Apple's leaked support app

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